Welcome to where it all began for me and my crew –

The Keep on the Borderlands!


It seems like it was just yesterday when we opened up that red box and began our adventures into the Caves of Chaos!  The back and forth of us venturing from the Keep to slay evil lurking the in caves (and making a bit of coin in the process) kept us occupied for many, MANY hours.  But alas, we never did clear the Caves of Chaos… it would seem that evil in the end won the day.

Decades later, our brave adventurers will return to finish what they started – well, accomplish what they did not all those years ago – total subjugation of the Caves of Chaos and finally bring peace to the Borderlands.

While I will be running the original B2-The Keep On The Borderlands module, I will be using the 5th edition of the Dungeons & Dragons rule set.  This allows my players (and me) to gain the benefits of decades of game design advancements as far as mechanics are concerned.  That said, I will try and preserve the module in all its brutal glory.  It will be treacherous, it will be challenging and it will be deadly to the foolish or un-prepared.  They will have to use their wits and know when to fight and when discretion is the better part of valor.  Will they succeed?  Or will these adventurers just add their names to the roster of the forgotten who perished in the caves?

Once more into the breech dear adventurers!

Return to the Keep on the Borderlands

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