Return to the Keep on the Borderlands

Session 1: Exploring the Keep and Finding the Caves of Chaos

AUGUST 14th – Our brave adventurers traveled east for many days from the realms to find themselves at the borderlands where the only bastion of civilization was The Keep.  Confronted by the men-at-arms at the gate, each was asked to declare themselves and their intentions:

Thomas Hammerfist (Bob) – A human paladin who rose up from nothing and has become something of a folk hero in some parts.

Stannis of House Gable (Jeff) – A human fighter that fancies himself a knight because of his noble background.

Natalia, companion to Sir Stannis and Advisor to House Gable (Doug) - A human witch with an unease presence about her.

Having been duly noted by the scribe, they were escorted into the Keep proper and directed to see the smith about stabling their horses.  While the stabling of Natalia and Sir Stannis' horses went cleanly enough, when asked about the Caves of Chaos, the smith warned Natalia that none that sought the caves had ever returned.  After speaking those words, he grew very pale and shaken at Natalia's presence and warned the party off once more.

Afterwards, the party made their way to the Sleeping Quail Inn and Golden Goose Tavern.  Thomas was very generous with his money and bought a round of food and drink for the party and an even more generous tip for the bar keep, Ozgood.  When asked about the Caves, Ozgood cautioned Thomas that nothing but trouble could be found there, but if he was going regardless, he should bring help.  He then pointed out a table where five men-at-arms were drinking – they had come in on a previous caravan but stuck around seeking fame and fortune.  Emboldened by this news, the party approached them with an offer of employment – and they took the offer with enthusiasm.  Plans were drawn up to leave the next day.  While everyone else turned in early, Sir Stannis stayed up late to pursue… other entertainment.

AUGUST 15th – The party set out from The Keep in search of the Caves of Chaos.  Believing them to be in the hills to the east, they opted to make time on the road.  Camping near the river, Sir Stannis believed he heard inhuman noises coming from the marshes on the south side of the river, but otherwise the night was uneventful.

AUGUST 16th – The party continued their trek along the road.  While they were originally planning to search the hill to the east, upon getting closer they decided it was far too small a hill to hold such dangers and continued to follow the road as it turned north.  As night approached, Sir Stannis got a feeling that they were getting close as the party entered a gorge.  Feeling that they would be better off searching in the day, he called for camp to be made – though Thomas urged for there to be no fire lest it draw unwanted attention.  While the night passed quietly, Thomas reached out with his divine connection and felt that he was indeed close to the object of his quest.

AUGUST 17th - In the brightness of a new day, the party began an earnest search of the area for signs of the caves.  Thomas' keen eyes picked up tracks – non-human tracks leading into the woods.  The party followed the tracks deep into the forest until suddenly they stumbled across the vast opening of the Caves of Chaos.

SESSION REWARDS: 25xps for discovering the Caves of Chaos, 25xps MVP bonus for Thomas for exceptional tracking skills.  

Addition 25xps for players registering on the website.


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