Return to the Keep on the Borderlands

Session 2: Exploring the Caves of Chaos

AUGUST 17th - Not wanting to waste daylight, the party press into the crevasse that was the Caves of Chaos.  Deciding to follow the southern wall, they soon found an opening leading under the earth.  With Natalia holding the torch, the party started into the cave.  Finding themselves at a four-way intersection, they looked ahead and saw a dead end.  Looking to the left, they saw the corridor go into darkness… and beady eyes staring back!  The goblins cried Bree-Yark!!! and battle was soon joined with Sir Stannis leading the charge and Hammerfist and the men-at-arms following close behind.  Six goblins flung javelins and swung with their clubs but one by one they were felled. Sir Stannis having taken the brunt of their attack lay on the ground unconscious, but with Hammerfist's divine influence and his own tenacity was soon back on his feet.

As the party regrouped, Sir Stannis was the first to sense trouble headed their way – BIG trouble.  Ordering the party to take position where they would be able to have maximum advantage, they braced for what was to come – and they did not have to wait long.  An ogre barreled around the corner with goblins in tow cheering him along.  The hulk wasted no time – crashing into the hastily assembled line and Sir Stannis' trap was sprung!  The party swarmed the ogre while its bulk kept the goblins trapped behind it.  Blow after blow was landed by the party but the brute seemed to just ignore them as it brought down its great club and knocked one of the retainers senseless.  Natalia focused her magic energies to damage the beast as the party closed ranks on the ogre and still it would not fall!  The goblins roared with evil laughter as the ogre swung again striking a mighty blow knocking Hammerfist to his knees.  Undaunted, the party closed ranks again and one of the men-at-arms caught the ogre in the jugular – its eyes rolled back in its head and fell backwards.

The goblins laughter quickly went silent as they saw their champion felled before them.  After a brief moment, they threw their javelins and started running.  Sir Stannis rallied the men-at arms and gave chase while Natalia revived Hammerfist and the other retainer regained his senses.  The goblins kept throwing javelins as they retreated past the entrance and Sir Stannis had his men take cover in the side passages – forcing the goblins to come back out into the light.

The goblins tried another hit and run attack only to lose one of their number and they fled deeper into the caves.  Once the party regrouped at the entrance, they decided to press their luck and press deeper into the caves.  Finding themselves outnumbered, the goblins fled deeper still into the caves leaving behind what passed for a guard room… and a massive door in the back corner wide open.  Thinking that this might be a good place to hole up, they moved into the room beyond and stumble across a sleeping bear. Seeking to take the initiative (and figuring their best bet was to strike it while it was sleeping) the party laid into the bear…  only to find it was merely a bear pelt upon a massive pile of leaves.  The ogre's bed perhaps?  

Spiking the door behind them in case more goblins were to come, the party quickly surveyed the ogre's den and found a number of bags most of which contained treasure!  Some searching among the bone piles of past victims turned up some arrows and a scroll case as well.  Hearing the goblins making a commotion in the tunnels beyond, they decided discretion was the better part of valor and grabbed their loot and headed back to The Keep.

SESSION REWARDS: 112xps for battling goblins and the ogre.  There was some adjustment because the retainers participated in the battles to varying degrees.

LOOT: bag 1 – 250gp, bag 2 – 287 sp, bag 3 – a hard cheese, bag 4 – 182cp & 91ep, bag 5 – 289gp, bag 6 – 303cp, bag 7 – looked like 241 gp, but turned out to be gold-painted lead worth only 1cp each.  Also a keg of brandy of unknown value.

6 – arrows +1 and a divine scroll of cure wounds and find traps.


Commander_Ogata Commander_Ogata

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